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Robin Brown - Celebration Cake Maker based in Essex in the UK

Hello, I'm Robin...

Ever since my Mum taught me how to bake, it’s been my passion and has enabled me to be in the privileged position of now making celebration cakes for many, many special occasions and high-profile actors, celebrities and musicians.

I use a special family recipe that was handed down from my Nan, to my Mum and then to me and I still use the original measurements and method to make cakes. 

I never, ever use a mixer - I mix and fold just as my Mum and Nan did, with an unwavering passion and always with them both in my heart and mind as I work.

I have only one goal with every cake I make no matter what the design is; to see you smile the first time you see and taste your cake which is priceless. That is my passion, that is why I do what I do and it's fantastic :)

I make celebration cakes to order and to your specific requirements. I can also adapt my family recipe to be gluten free.

I will always be there when either you collect or I deliver the cake to your home or to the venue  to make sure you are 100% happy and smiling, to see you smile is part of why I do what I do.

I deliver anywhere between the Isle Of Wight  to Scotland, from Wales to Scarborough no distance is too far.

You are very welcome to call me: 01376 510 517

Celebration Cakes for Celebrities by Robin Brown Celebration Cake Maker in the UK

Picture from left to right:

Ricky Gervais, Michelle Collins, Rachel Riley & the All Dogs Matter team, Peter Egan & Cheryl Fergison.

My Celebration Cake for Britain's Got Talent:



About My Passion

Home Baked

Homemade Victoria Sponge Cake - Celebration Cakes by Robin Brown in the UK

I was taught at an early age how to bake my mums recipes that was passed to her by my nan, I only use their measurements  and method to make the cakes I do, as in the olden days I never ever use a mixer just folded with passion. 

Gluten Free

Gluten free Victoria Sponge

I also have learnt how to make Gluten free Cakes, which allows others not to miss out on those special cakes, I can do any flavour for this using top recipes and methods.Picture of my Gluten free Victoria Sponge is above .

Making You Smile

A Winnie the Pooh 3D Novelty Birthday Cake - Celebration Cakes in the UK made by Robin Brown

Wedding Cakes,Birthday Cakes,3D Novelty Cakes made to order to your requirements. I became ITV Accredited a few years ago, but I have only one goal with every cake I make no matter what design it is, to see that smile when you see and taste the cake for the first time is Priceless and thats my passion, that is why I do what I do, it's fantastic :) 

Celebration Cakes for Any Occasion

Elegant Wedding and Celebration Cakes Made by UK Cake Maker Robin Brown

Wedding Cakes and Engagement Cakes

   I design all my Wedding Cakes to the Bride and Grooms vision of thier perfect cake,any flavour to suit all the guests favourite. Free consultations. 

   Delivered by myself to make sure it arrives on time and in perfect condition.

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Novelty Birthday and Celbration Cakes Handmade in the UK by Robin Brown

Birthday Cakes

  Any theme or any shape can be made to make the cake a personal gift for the birthday Boy or Girl, Just to see that smile when they see thier cake is Why I do what I do.

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Range Rover Evoke Novelty Birthday Cake  Made by Celebration Cake Maker Robin Brown in the UK

3D Cakes

   My speciality is my skill for making 3D Birthday Cakes, Wedding Cakes and Novelty Cakes as Pets , Cars , Aeroplanes ,Trucks and more. All I need is a photo or info on the item you would like made and it shall be so.

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Fruit Cake

    My fruit cake is made from only plump and juicy fruit, these I soak in a variety of juices over time so when you bite into the whole Cherries they explode with flavour. I add Alcohol when requested and they do NOT contain any nuts or peal, but these can be added if requested. I cook them on a low heat so the they do not dry out while baking.

Victoria Sponge

   Good old Victoria Sponge, Made with love and only selected ingredients that I have tested to get the right texture, Its light, Moist and keeps for a week after cutting, I can also add Vanilla for that extra wowness, I then fill with Strawberry or Raspberry Jam from Tiptree with a Vanilla Buttercream, this is my Nans recipe which is the foundation for my other flavoured Sponges.

Chocolate Sponge

   I add a certain High Cocoa melted Chocolate to the mix which gives it the flavour, I then fill the layers with Chocolate Buttercream or Chocolate Fudge Buttercream and  add a generous swirl of Salted Caramel. 

Lemon Drizzle

    This little Beauty will have your pallets asking for more, I only use wax free Lemons from Morrisons they are so sweet, I use the peel finely chopped in the sponge with the juice and also in the Buttercream, the sponges are Drizzled with my Nans formula of Lemon juice 2 hours before I put the cake together.

Carrot Cake

    This is my Recipe that I have evolved so it is up to date from my nans recipe, I use fresh Carrots finely grated so they hold the moistness, there are other ingredients but thats between me Mum, Nan and me :) This cake also contains NO Nuts or traces.Filled with a butter cream to tempt you for a second slice or maybe 3 or 4 :)

Other Flavours

Other flavours include Coffee - Red Velvet - Chocolate Orange - Sultana Cake, I can make others thanks to me Nan and me Mum teaching me them so just ask if I have not listed your favourite, RockinRob 

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