How I Make Them



    The most important detail when putting my 3D cakes together is Planning. This I need to get right as when it comes to calving the shape of the object it makes life so so much easier. 

    A customer asked me once "How on earth did you do that" I replied "I dont know I just did". The only way I can explain it, is when I look at the block of cake that i have layered there are lines running through it like the Terminator see's, this projects the shape so I just follow those lines with a very sharp knife, and Hey presto there it is. 

    I guess it is just a gift that I have been given to see the shape in the block of cake before I cut it to shape. It helps studying the shape from photo's from different angles, but that is My Technical Drawing study rewarding me I guess.

Cake Flavour

   My 3D cakes can be made in any flavour for any Birthday cake or Wedding.When I make my Cakes in 3D it just brings the cake to life.

Any Occassion

   A man asked me if I could make a 3D Eiffel Tower with a rotating diamond ring at the top with a light shinning through the diamond as he was going to propose to his girlfriend in a top London resturant and asked if I would be able to present the cake to her in the resturant, Yes I can do that, so after planning the structure and working out the costing I told him it would be £380 with me presenting it, He replied " Blimey I am not spending that much on her ", Needless to say what i thought. 

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