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Ricky Gervais - "Humanity" "The Office"

Ricky Gervais - Netflix "Humanity" With Dolly the BullDog

After Baking the first cake for Ricky Gervais of his Flanimals for the local Care home on his request , I was then asked to Bake this 3D cake of Dolly the Bulldog, this was then Auctioned to provide funding for his Animal Charity to stop cruelty to them. RockinRobs Cakes in Witham not only makes Birthday cakes but makes them all.

Peter Egan

Peter Egan , Rick Wakeman And Myself

I met Peter at Hampstead Heath after being asked to be apart of the All Dogs Matter Dog Show where I was apart of the celebrity judges team along side Rachel Riley, Michelle Collins, Marc Abraham and Peter. Since we met we have kept intouch and still make cakes for his Animals in Asia Charity. I created a Moon bear cake which was Auctioned at an Evening with Rick Wakeman, the cake raised £450.

All Dogs Matter

Rachel Riley, Peter Egan , Marc Abraham and some of the Owners that took part in the show :)

I love to help the helpless that cannot help themselves, yes I am a big softie at heart and cannot bear the thought of any creature being hurt, I help when I can and this year I am returning to Hampstead Heath to be apart of the All Dogs Matter dog show, the last time I was there was a few years ago due to family issues, but this year come along, meet the Celebrities and try my cakes for yourselves, you might even win one, it all goes to help Abused and homeless dogs that they care for and find a home for, the team is amazing:)

Michelle Collins


I met Michelle at the All Dogs Matter show, what a caring and wonderful lady. We were Judging the cakes that were entered by the Children who loved baking like myself, they were all marvelous and all deserved to win.

Little Havens Hospice


I help raise funds for Cancer Charities as my family went through a 5 year ordeal with Leukemia, thanks to great Ormond Street it is in the past now but for others it is a non win situation and they have to prepare, and Little Havens provide everything they need to make things wonderful in thier final days, This is me at HobbyCraft in Chelmsford with Ricky Gervaises Flanimal cakes he gave orthorisation for to make and raffle to raise money for the Hospice,Thank you Ricky :)

John Challis AKA Boycie


John Challis asked me to be apart of the Only Fools and Horses Convention Near London, I made the Dels Boys Van and the  Capri to be auctioned there whch made over £250 for his Charity. The cake Pictured is the E-Type Jaguar John is signing that I made for him second time around, this I took to Stourport near Wales that he Auctioned at his show An Evening with Boycie. The money raised was for his charity he supports, Protecting Hedgehogs.

Robyn Regan

Robyn Regan

A Touch Of Sparkles Cake for Robyn on her very first live singing performance night in Camden

       I had the pleasure to make Robyn the cake to celebrate her very first "Touch Of Sparkles" Tour Performance in Camden, I was lucky enough to meet and to be invited to stay and watch the whole performance with supporting artists who all have amazing voices. 

      This young lady already has several music video's that can be viewed on UTube and also writes her own Lyrics, Robyn has the most amazing voice but not only sings but she has that smile that makes you smile when she does sing, this lady is going to be a super star one day . 

I am now an official "Reganator" which is the name given to the 10's of thousands of fans that follow Robyn's  brilliance.

When Robyn and her crew saw the cake for the first time they all had that look that I love, wide smiles of wowness, and that is how Robyn's voice makes me feel too, its a fantastic feeling.

Robyn Regan A Touch of Sparkles Cake



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