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Bestest Cakes


Cherly Fergison and I first started chatting on Twitter when I Tweeted some of my cakes that I had made "Bestest Cakes Ever", Cheryl Said, and asked if I would make one to auction live on the internet for her cause to open up a Drama School for underprivalidged children which I did over 4 years ago now.

Heather Trott and George Michael


In Easteners Cheryl Played the loveable Heather Trott,and as we all know that watches the Program was obsessed and totally in Love with George Michael, Pictured here at the event was the no1 Lookalikey for Mr Michael.

Dj Tony with a Twist Of Lemon ( 2ndcityradio)


Also at the event was this amazing guy called DJ Tony with a Twist of Lemon who was providing the music from his Hi Tech Mobile Disco, Tony is also a a DJ on the wonderful 2ndcityradio which broadcasts on the Net, Tony plays an amazing aray of Genre Music alongside other very well known DJ's, I now make the cakes for Tony and others at the station now as well.

Boo Bo from The Clash Of The Titans


Clash Of the Titans Boo Bo Owl was another Cake I made for Cheryl for another Event In Dartford, This bought such an amazement to the Crowd there ,they could not believe it was a cake, Cheryl was over the moon when she saw it, I had to turn down offers on the spot for the cake as it was being Auctioned by DJ Tony that day and was just on show, everyone was bidding on this creation I had made and it fianlly sold for £150, there was a bit of a bidding war going on, But for those that did not win I took orders for the same cake that day.

Friends For Life


This photo is at the end of the event in Dartford, Cheryl and myself stay intouch and will always be friends, Cheryl said to me " Your Cakes are Amazing, and they taste even better than they look" Perfect. 

Lemon Heaven

From the moment Cheryl tasted this lemon cake that she called heaven i have always made the cakes for her, It's all thanks to my Mother and my Nan who taught me how to make these incredible cakes. I have now be requested by Cheryl to make another which has to be taken to Blackpool, I will be posting the cake photo's on here in June. Perhaps it was Fate that brought both Lemons to be such good friends with Cheryl to be such a great Trio.

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