Dog Birthday Cakes

Frank the Pug Dog Birthday Cake

Frank the Pug Dog Birthday Cake Handmade by Robin Brown in the UK

Dog Birthday Cakes are made to order and created to look like the breed you love and cherish. 

Above is pictured 'Frank', one of my very first Pug dog birthday cakes that I made over 5 years ago now.

Frank's Body was made from a lemon drizzle cake, and Franks beautiful face was moulded from rice crispy bars covered the same icing as the Lemon drizzle cake.

Dog Birthday cakes can be made from any sponge or fruit cake that you would like.

French Bulldog Dog Birthday Cake

Dog Birthday Cake Robin Brown - French Bulldog

Your dog Birthday cake will look like your own pet. All you need to do is send a photo of your canine companion so I can copy the colour and markings on their body. 

One of the the best things about making a dog Birthday cakes is the surprised and quizzical  expression on your dog's face  when they see it too.

But don't worry,  just make sure the dog Birthday cake is out of your pets view when you have a slice. 

Dolly the British Bulldog - Dog Birthday Cake

Dolly the British Bulldog - A Dog Birthday Cake for Ricky Gervais

This wonderful Dolly the Bulldog Dog Cake was made for Ricky Gervais who auctioned it for one of his Animal charities. 

No matter what size the breed of dog you have I can always scale your dog Birthday cake down to the size of the party you are catering for.

Our Best friends

Dog Cakes - All Dogs Matter At Hampstead Heath

All Dogs Matter is one of the Charities that I support and I try and attend their Dog Show at Hampstead Heath in May every year. 

The dog cakes I make help raise funds so the dogs that need a home can find the perfect placement and the right family that will love and look after them.

I am unable to have a dog as it would adversely affect my 5 star hygiene rating  so instead I look after our canine companions in other ways.

When the time comes that I am no longer making cakes, 'Flynn' will become a part of my life ;)

Wedding Cakes - Forever

Dog Cakes - Laura, Sprollo and Pringle

British track and road cyclist Laura Kenny asked me If I could make her dogs 'Sprollo' and 'Pringle' as toppers for hers and Jason's wedding cake.

Laura sent me photo's  from which I made an icing model of each, carefully recreating the distinctive markings of each of her dogs.

Laura was thrilled with the likeness I achieved. If you would like either a dog Birthday cake or dog wedding cake toppers, let me know :)

A 'Pop-Up' Dog Birthday Cake

Dog Birthday Cakes - 2 Best Friends

A dog Birthday cake can be in any shape or form like the one pictured above - your best friends can simply pop up anywhere on your cake and be any size  which makes the cake more personalised for your special occasion.

If you would like me to make you a dog Birthday cake, call be on 01376 510 517.

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If you would like a Dog Birthday Cake call me on 01376 510 517

I can also make you a dinosaur cake, football cake, a Christening cake or just about any type of 3D celebration cake you can imagine :)