Wedding Cakes In Witham


The Perfect Wedding Cake

        From the moment you have that image or idea of your perfect Wedding Cake, its my job to make it as you imagined it. When I have finished it I look at it and see it as you would for the first time, and if I dont get that feeling of WOW I correct it until I do. Its your special day and having the Wedding Cake that you personally visioned or saw is my job that you trust me into producing.

        I make all of my Wedding Cakes here in Witham, I have no time limits as I work from home in my own kitchen, I will stay up all night (Which i have done,As others have been let down by their supplier) so you get your perfect Wedding Cake on time.


The Perfect Taste

        When your guests taste the Wedding Cake I can Guarantee you they will ask for another piece or "Who made made your Wedding Cake, It tastes so nice " 

        The timing and the way I treat your Wedding Cake is my key to a moist and delicious sponge or fruit cake. I have been to several functions where I have not made the Wedding Cake or Birthday cake before I started making them myself which has driven me to never make the mistake of a burnt,dry or tasteless Wedding Cake.

        Only fresh ingredient's like Lemon's in the Lemon Drizzle Cake must be Wax free as the rind will make all the difference in the taste.And fresh Carrots in the Carrot Cake. All these factors make a massive contribution to your perfect looking and tasting Wedding Cake.


The Perfect Theme

       I can design and make your Wedding Cake to your Wedding theme. Just to see those smiles when you both see the Wedding Cake for the first time is why I do what I do, and I do it for you. Ok Ok I know to Robin Hood. We will sit down and discuss your vision and I will put it to your Wedding Cake.

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