Wedding Cakes In Witham

The Perfect Cake

From the moment you have that image or idea of your perfect Wedding Cake, its my job to make it as you imagined it. When I have finished it I look at it and see it as you would for the first time, and if I dont get that feeling of WOW I correct it until I do. Its your special day.I make all the Wedding Cakes in Witham.

The Perfect Day

When your guests taste the cake there is only one proof in the pudding as they say, empty plates, and that is what i aim for, taste and texture is everything as you dont want to choke your guests with a dry and sandy cake, I love it when they ask for more, then you know its perfect. And the Bride and Groom does not want to break thier wrists cutting it.

The Perfect Theme

I can design and make the cake to your wedding theme. Just to see those smiles when you both see the cake for the first time is why I do what I do, and I do it for you. Ok Ok I know to Robin Hood. We will sit down and discuss your vision and I wil put it to the cake.

Wedding Cakes Made to Order